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Center of Environmental Health and Risk Assessment (CEHRA) is a non-governmental nonprofit organization that was founded in 2005. It is a voluntary union of citizens of Ukraine who joint together for realization of rights for safe environment and maximum achievable level of population health and well-being. CEHRA functions within the legislative field of Ukraine, in accordance with Constitution of Ukraine, and it’s Statute.

The team of the Center is formed by independent experts on medical ecology, hygiene, ecology, epidemiology, geographic information systems, environmental ecology, human health risk assessment.

The main CEHRA principles are voluntarily, equality of rights of its members, self-government, legality and publicity.
The primary purpose of Center is assistance in improvement of the state of public health as a main indicator of social constituent of steady development of Ukraine.

CEHRA goals:
  • to assert in society principles of humanism, mutual understanding, collaboration, civil consent, intersectoral collaboration in of medical-and-ecological decision-making;
  • to popularize importance of the concept of «health» and «prevention» in decision-making process;
  • to promote integration of medical-and-ecologic constituent into state legislation and development plans;
  • to assist actively in implementation of the methodology of quantitative assessment of environmental impact on human health into nature-conservative and prevention practice of state activities;
  • to conduct expert works related to assessment of human health risk formed by environmental factors and to estimate social and economic losses;
  • to conduct courses and better professional level of representatives of different stakeholders in the view of human health risk assessment methodology;
  • to promote understanding of risk factors in public health;
  • to carry out information actions aimed at medical-and-ecological knowledge popularization;
  • to organize professionals’ involvement and to assist in enlarging the list of experts that participate in human health risk assessment projects;
  • to develop international cooperation in the sphere of medical ecology and environmental hygiene.

Forms of activity:
  • application of human health risk assessment methodology in decision-making in medical- and ecological issues, economic efficiency and ecological insurance policy;
  • organization of seminars, trainings, lectures, "rounds", disputes, discussions, scientific-and-practical conferences, symposiums, and other public activities that foresee mass media involvement;
  • edition and distribution of scientific methodic literature, bulletins, booklets, collections of lectures, manuals both in printing electronic forms and territorial self-government;
  • organization and management of medical-and-ecological, hygienic, economic and other research works in the field of environment and health;
  • provision of technical assistance in hygienic, ecological, genetic and medical-and-biologic studies;
  • development of databases, software products, information-and-analytical systems, scientific, popular, educational and other materials in the sphere of environment and health issues, which are within the scope of Statute activities and research works of CEHRA;
  • interaction with public, scientific, state bodies and institutions that are present in Ukraine;
  • international cooperation with foreign public, scientific, governmental organizations, funds and other institutions which have interest in medical- and ecological issues;
  • collaboration with native and foreign scientists and experts;

Our partners:

  • Marzeev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine


  • World Bank in Ukraine and Moldova


  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine


  • Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine

  • Ukrainian Environmental NGO "MAMA-86"


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